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Music of the Spheres

I have finally released a new "album" for your pleasure. Music of the Spheres is a lot of my recent work collaborating with poet Colin Bell. His poems using the Fibonacci sequence are little gems and have a lovely musical rhythm buried inside, which I hope I have found here. The music can be found on BandCamp:

Music of the Spheres (2011)
Flat Earth, old home, marble domed and painted with stars, easier for simple mortals than this slowly spinning ball suspended in chaos. Pythagoras heard heavenly harmony humming in space – the planets’ mystic song. Divine choreography ruled humanity’s fate while we worshipped blindly below, humble and fearful, ignorant, trusting, - less
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Long time, no see!

I haven't been here for a while, wow! I will try to keep this blog going from now on, I "promise".

Sol. Fa. La.

Tom DePlonty and I recently made an album called The Detail of Little Events. In it we used recordings of voice in the public domain from the web, and I found the use of natural voice to create instruments in my software synthesis units (Iris, stuff like that), that I made an album, Sol. La. Fa.,  which uses voice as the basis for the entire set. There are twelve shorter pieces on the CD, and some are taken from the Sacred Harp tradition (Windham), some from just folk tunes (Old Granny Hare), from hymnals (Ancient of Days), and some just from my voice (Het uitzicht vanaf de berg).

I was going to call the album Fasola, but isn't that already taken?

The Cracked Chimes

The Cracked Chimes is my first actual solo release; I've mainly released pieces in collaboration with other people, mainly with Tom DePlonty and Charles Baker. These works represent the various directions I've been playing around with lately, including a darker ambient style and techno (of all things).

A few words about each piece:

1) Fluctuations. A "techno" piece, which swirls around a central idea, and never settles down, even for a second.
2) Caldera. This was a slow, imagined walk along the side of an inactive volcano to the summit, ending with looking down into the caldera.
3) Ivory. A small pun, because the sounds are piano samples. This is also a canon, with an underlying drone.
4) Bounce. Not the best title, I guess, but the sounds reminded me of sounds bouncing around the room.
5) Distant Forest. All the sounds are recordings of forest animals and birds, but amplified in various ways to create an eerie, not-quite-real forest.
6) Slowly through the World. a …

Spaceflight pharmacology

the latest album from Paragat√©
 is now out on Bandcamp. Go check it out!


Just playing around with Bidule (from Plogue). I want to be able to create pieces live, so this was a short result.