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Bound music so far.

As I have mentioned before, I am busily having my acoustic music bound in black hardcover volumes. This entails a lot of Finale work on my part because it needs to have a good layout, along with page numbers, titles, descriptions, instrumentation, and so on. In the photo, you can see the black books there on the left. That's how many I have so far. 

1. Missa Sine Nomine. SATB, string quartet, organ, handbells.
2. Missa Sine Nomine. variations. I re-wrote several parts of the mass for other ensembles.
3. Missa Sine Nomine in English.
4. Music for Advent. SATB and instruments. I have pieces for first, send and fourth Advent Sundays.
5. Aviary Corridor. Soprano and small ensemble. Poem by Charles Alexander. This was performed in Seattle.
6. Fibonacci Poems. Tenor and piano. Poems by Coli Bell. I love these short poems which are snippets from life.
7. Music for Orchestra. Not a large volume! I actually have written a few pieces, however.
8. Music for Clarinet. Organizing volumes like this can be a bit tricky; should it be put together using any pieces which include clarinet in the group, or just pieces where the clarinet is featured? I chose the latter, so a few of my works which also have clarinet will appear in another volume.
9. Music with Guitar. This is a small collection of all my solo guitar pieces. Same reasoning here as the clarinet volume.
10. Music for Keyboard. Quite short.
11. Music for Trombone and Piano. I have written several works for trombone (tenor or bass). There were a few more that I wrote, but they are not good enough to include here.


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